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Luna Counselling Co.

We are so happy to have you here with us.

Chances are, if you are here on our site, you are a woman looking for resources to improve your mental health. What this means to us is that you've already started your healing journey, which is a huge deal.

Our mission is to empower women and support them through the many stages of their lives, so you have come to the right place.


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a women's mental health collective

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But wait...

what makes us different?

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experience the benefits of therapy from the comfort of your own space. Grab a coffee, throw on your coziest sweats and come hang out! There is a solid chance your therapist is secretly wearing sweats too (don't tell her I told you)

all clinicians are women and/or mothers, and we work exclusively with women and mothers. Who better for us to support than the very people we inherently understand!

we seek to keep our rates below the local industry standard, and offer a select amount of reduced rate slots to non-insured clients to keep therapy as accessible as possible.

Fully Virtual Clinic

Women Supporting Women

Competitive Rates


Here at Luna...

we seek to empower women through therapeutic relationships. As humans we heal in relationships, and the one you'll form with the right clinician is so different from the rest in your support system, and so uniquely important. In a therapist, you'll find an unbiased, non judgemental person with which to share what has been weighing you down and start working towards your best hopes for yourself. We take such sincere pride in supporting women through this process, whatever the process might look like for you.

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Why Choose a Luna Therapist?

Competitive Rates

& Insurance Billing


Appointment Times

Relatable Female Therapists

Therapy from your phone or laptop

Consistently positive client outcomes

Qualified & Licensed Clinicians

our clinicians specialize 

in issues specific to women

What We Help With

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Want a free copy of our Mama Mental Health worksheets bundle?

We are working hard to bring you a downloadable self help resource! Check back here soon.

Meet Our Team


Angela Merzetti, LCT-C
Owner &
Counselling Therapist

Kali O'Dell, BSW RSW
Managing Associate &
Clinical Social Worker

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